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Participating Institutions

Currently, the network of participating institutions on the Go Campus Program covers 35 US states and 5 Canadian Provinces – and this list is increasing! With the support from Go Campus, institutions aim to increase the cultural diversity of their campus communities while continuing to offer excellent academic programs. They range from small private colleges in rural areas with approximately 800 students to large state universities with up to 15,000 students.

Partnering with institutions of different sizes and characteristics allows us to identify the best possible choices/options for each participant. 

Most of our partner institutions have obtained different recognitions and awards from the following organisations: 

  • The Princeton Review; Best Colleges
  • US News and World Report: "America's Best Colleges"
  • The Templeton Guide: Colleges That Encourage Character Development"
  • The Barron's 300; "Best Buys in College Education"
  • CLA Learning Report

Whether the setting of your selected university is close to a big city or presents a traditional campus in a more rural environment, the exciting life on campus will be the centre of the action.  At the same time, you will find yourself close to fascinating historic landmarks and attractions that will enhance your experience.  America is well know for its national parks, museums, natural wonders, cosmopolitan cities, art festivals, outdoor recreation, professional sport events and wide open spaces. 

We make sure our students experience the real college life, where the setting is not a distraction to succeed academically, but a bonus to make it an extraordinary cultural and personal experience. 

You have the opportunity to specify preferences relating to environment and size of your chosen university, as well as your needs, interests and abilities. While it is not possible to guarantee that a specific institution will offer a scholarship to a particular participant, Go Campus can assure its participants that they will obtain quality educational opportunities at highly competitive costs through its programs. All participating institutions offer a high quality education. 

Institutions such as Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Purdue, and Princeton do not participate in the Go Campus University Program. These institutions are in high demand, and the number of applications they receive each year, both from within the US and abroad, greatly exceed their available space.


The state and province details shown on this page are correct at time of publication. 2013.