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What Have Others Said

"The university is great! Everybody here is so nice and welcoming. I had orientation on Monday and it was very helpful to better understand how the American educational system works as well as the school. I first started with ESL classes. Every afternoon we have activities with teachers. Tomorrow we are going to Boston to visit Harvard University. I am really excited about it!" Mariame (19), Sociology

"The scholarship my university offered is quite a lot, which really makes it easier to study HR in US." Xiaocong, Li (23), Human Resources Management

"My goals for the next semester are to improve my English skills and to have a great experience with new friendships and understanding a different culture." Camilla (19), Psychology

 "Amazing! I believe I will have an unforgettable memory! Thank you for making my dreams come true in such a short time!" Xinyu Wu (18), Finance & Financial Management

"My Italian undergraduate degree combined with my experience in the US, has put me at a great advantage."  Federica (25), Management

 "When I decided to study in the USA, I applied through Go Campus and, within a short period of time, I received different university options for which I was qualified. I found very friendly people ready to assist me at every stage in order for me to live the best year of my life!”  Marie (21), Management

"I had a very helpful orientation during the last two days, where I met a lot of nice people! I can’t wait to start classes tomorrow."  Cara (18), International Business